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There is something to be said about waking up at 5am to a steaming cup of coffee, setting out a hundred decoys and shooting a limit of Canadas and speckle bellies before the sun has finished rising. The sounds of hundreds, thousands of birds circling the blinds, ducks streaking in from the side and a group of friends grinning like schoolkids when the final bell rings. The smell of gunpowder from the last volley still wafts through the air as a new flock of geese locks into the decoys.

Its day one, 9am, time to clean up the decoys and head in for a BIG breakfast at the lodge. Your diet is on hold for the week and it’s a good thing it is considering what’s on the table.

Its time for a nap and some relaxation around the camp, because in a few hours we’re headed out to the farmland in search of giant black bears.

Your hunting the famed Peace country farm corridor, a huge patchwork of farmland following the mighty Peace River as it winds its way through Alberta. You are at the northern end of the farmland, an area with one of the highest densities of black bears in the world. It is a good thing too, as you have two bear tags in your pocket to fill this week.

Three hours later your standing at full draw, waist deep in a farmer’s oat field having a stare down with a solid four-hundred-pound black ball of claws and teeth a mere eighteen yards away. The bear hears your heart pounding, whirls and runs before you touch the release. Its ok though as its only still the first day of the hunt.  This was the third bear you have seen today and there is thirty minutes of daylight remaining. Off in the distance another bear walks out of the trees into the standing oats. He looks like a shooter. 

Your guides cell phone buzzes, it’s the waterfowl guide sending pictures of a field loaded with geese for tomorrow’s hunt. Maybe, just maybe this is the most fun you’ve had on a hunt in a long time…

 This fall combination hunt with Wingmaster Outfitting is often overlooked and underrated. It’s an action-packed week with plenty of shooting and camaraderie.  We can accommodate up to 6 hunters per week for this hunt so bring your friends and fill the camp.

Included in the price of the hunt is 6 days of bear hunting and 5 days of waterfowl hunting, all food and accommodations in our camp, 12 gauge high velocity steel shot for the waterfowl hunts, guiding services, bird cleaning, skinning of bears, washer and dryer use, all ground transportation to and from High Level airport, and shotgun rentals



Not included in the hunt: 5% tax, tags and licenses, shipping fees, alcoholic beverages and gratuities.

Hunt cost is $7500 per person

Second bear trophy fee is $1500

Licenses and tags: $500

Prices in USD*

Hunters can fly to Edmonton, Alberta and either rent a car and drive the 7 hours to Wingmaster Outfitting camp or connect to the High Level airport from Edmonton on Central Mountain Air or Northwestern Air. One of our team members would pick you up from the High Level Airport on arrival. It is 65 miles from High Level to our camp near the town of La Crete.

Or cabin is fully furnished so you do not need to bring any bedding. Each hunter will have his or her own room.  The camp is situated 15 minutes from the community of La Crete so if you have forgotten anything, we can easily pick it up for you.

La Crete also has a 4400-foot asphalt runway at the local airport and heated hanger space can be arranged for those of you flying private. The airport is a 10 min drive from the camp. We hunt the area around the camp and airport a lot for waterfowl.

I have a wonderful travel agent that can also look after all your travel needs from the minute you leave home until you return. Sandy or Marilyn at Jubilee travel can be reached at 306-373-9633 or or 

Wingmaster Outfitting runs these Black Bear and Waterfowl Combo hunts the first two week of September each year. Waterfowl season opens on the 1st of September, as does Black bear. (Archery Black Bear opens August 25th) Hunters will receive a wolf coyote license with the bear tags. No trophy fees will be charged on the wolf and coyotes taken.


La Crete, Alberta T0H 2H0


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