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When I started wolf hunting back in 2011, I had one goal in mind, to reduce the population of timber wolves in my hunting area. I look back now and laugh at how naive I was in thinking it would be easy to bring the numbers down. Not only have I learned an astronomical amount about wolf hunting and trapping in the last 11 years, but now I look forward to wolf hunting season as much, or more, then any of the other hunts that I run. The last 7 years I have put my nose to the grindstone and hammered out a success rate unparalleled in the wolf hunting industry.

 The Alberta baited wolf hunt is based out of my hometown. La Crete is a special place unlike most placed you have visited before. A little oasis where crime is virtually non-existent and family values are held in highest regard. It is the northernmost farming community in North America, and placed along the famous Peace River, known for its fantastic hunting. Hunters will stay in the three bedroom cabin near my house. There are deer in the backyard daily now and if you kill a wolf early you can sip a coffee with a rifle across your lap and a deer tag in your pocket. (When deer season is open) 

My wife Vanessa does most of the cooking and I do most of the guiding myself along with my ace guide Norman Peters. I bait hard and really put my time in to make this hunt successful and it's paid off in the past. I am running a half percentage point shy of a 64% kill rate on wolves which is high for a baited hunt. (Nearly 83% success in 2020)  I run 8-14 baits depending on the number of hunters, snow/weather conditions and use fully insulated raised box blinds with heaters in each one. You do not have to be uncomfortable to kill a wolf. The blinds can be as warm as you want them to be. My hunters on this baited hunt have killed 92 wolves for 128 hunters as of Feb 28, 2022. Then another 120 if I count the ones I have trapped in the last 6 years. While there are still plenty of wolves to hunt, it has finally started to make a difference in the deer and moose populations in the area..

Hunt Cost:

$6950 plus 5% tax (2023) for the 6-day wolf hunt

$1000 trophy fee on the second wolf (paid after the second wolf is taken)

While there is not limit to the number of wolves you can shoot in Alberta, It is rare to kill more then two in a week of hunting. I have had a handful of hunters kill three in a week but my focus its to try and get every hunter at least one. The third wolf is free of charge if you do get lucky!

$275 tax and $200 license. 



Travel recommendations:

You can fly into Edmonton, Alberta, then connect to High Level on Central Mountain Air or Northwestern Air. If you would rather drive, you can rent a car in Edmonton and make the drive north to my place.

Route 1

From Edmonton, head west along highway 16 and turn north on highway 44. Continue thru Westlock to Slave Lake. Turn onto Highway 88 North and drive until you reach Red Earth. Fuel up. Continue north for 210 km or so until you see a turnoff sign headed west for La Crete. From there it’s about 30 minutes, follow the signs in. You can’t miss it.

Trip time 7 hours (this is the fastest route to my place)

Route 2

From Edmonton, head west along highway 16 for approx. 38 km. then merge onto highway 43 heading north. Continue along highway 43 thru Mayerthorpe, Whitecourt, and Fox Creek. When you get to Valleyview, turn right, onto highway 49 headed to Peace River. This is where the divided highway ends. Continue thru Peace River and about ten min past Peace River you will get to a 'T' intersection. Turn right, (north) onto highway 35. Follow highway 35 north through Manning. Continue north over the Twin Lakes hills through Keg River and Paddle Prairie. About 5-10 min past paddle prairie there will be an intersection with highway 697 towards La Crete. Turn right onto this highway. This will take you down to the ferry to cross the river, (or an ice road across the river in winter) once across; the road will take you right into town in about 45 min. Trip time, 9 hours.

Once you’re in town, call me (Kyler) at 780-247-0247 and I’ll come meet you and show you to our place.


I have a lengthy list of references of people that have done this hunt both successfully and non successfully that I would be happy to share with you.



Kyler Knelsen

ph. 780-247-0247



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